Who're You With?

The Home Defenders' League is a nation-wide homeowners' organization fighting to defend property, wealth and the American Dream.  Whether you rent or own, the mortgage crisis affects you and our politicians are proposing very few solutions.  Homeowners across the country are getting organized...and they have a plan.  To find out more, read on. 

Who’re You With?

This election cycle already promises to be a “nail-biter” with Conservatives and Progressives locked in heated battle on a number of fronts.  No issue is more pressing, perhaps, than the question of our nation’s economy. 

With millions of Americans still struggling to make ends meet, neither the Right nor the Left have discovered the intestinal fortitude to climb out of their bunkers and push aggressive policies aimed to return the wealth Wall St. banks have extracted from middle and low-income earners—a redistribution of wealth that’s been going on for nearly three decades.  Americans are relearning a hard lesson: it takes a nation to save the nation.  Overreliance on government officials and self-regulating corporations have yielded a political landscape devoid of the kind of leadership that saw us triumph over adversity in the past. We can’t even balance our own budget without near-crippling stalemates.

Meanwhile, according to information from the real estate site Zillow, nearly 16 million mortgages remain underwater, higher than the values of the properties they’re attached to.  This represents some 40 million people, either individuals or families, who’ve seen their retirement plans evaporate, their children’s college funds siphoned away, and their own spending power hamstrung, all at a time when few can afford the hit. For some homeowners, simply walking away from their properties has proven more economically viable than continuing to pay tens of thousands of dollars more than the homes are worth.  While this may be an option for some, it’s not an option for everyone. 

ActionNC member, Silvia Sanchez doesn’t see it as an option for her family.  She’s invested thousands retrofitting her house for her wheelchair-bound daughter, an investment she could ill-afford to duplicate if her family left the home. 

Into the mix comes The Home Defenders’ League (HDL), a national organization of homeowners banding together to demand an end to the underwater crisis.  The HDL is active in over 17 states and is spreading at a rate of nearly 500 new members per week.  Homeowners across the country recognize the fact that it will take a strong voting bloc to pressure the politicians, and their Wall St. backers, into principal reduction, bringing home loans in line with actual home values. 

The League is banking on People power come this election.  Those 40 million people affected by this crisis represent a voting bloc larger than 22 of our states put together, larger than the entire population of California, America’s most heavily populated state.  The message to our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, is a clear and concise one: Who are you with?  Are you with the Banks or are you with the People?

With the debt of lost home values weighing down our economy, America could be staring down the barrel of a “lost decade” not unlike that in Japan.  The entirety of the 90’s saw Japan’s economy stifled under massive debt, with bank bailouts and a credit freeze due to over-speculation and an abundance of cheap credit flooding the market.  Sound familiar? 

Or, we can force the banks to do what they should have done with the original $800 billion tax-payer dollars they got from the TARP bailout: write down the principal, get Americans out from under this debt that was, largely, created by the banks’ own lending and overestimated land evaluation, and move the country forward.  Without excessive debt, Americans can start spending again, stimulate companies to begin hiring at pre-recession levels, and bring our economy back from the brink. 

            The Home Defenders’ League is here, in Charlotte, NC.  Homeowner or renter; condo, townhouse or ranch-style, everyone needs to stand up, speak out, and demand our politicians and banks fix the mess they created.  With the election coming up, it’s the perfect time to put the candidates on notice: we’re organizing, we’re strategizing, and we’re asking one simple question: Who’re you with?

            For more information about the Home Defenders’ League contact our offices here at ActionNC or go online to