So, we agree: vouchers stink

stink.jpgMore than 60 percent of North Carolina voters oppose a school voucher plan currently under consideration at the General Assembly. How do we know? We asked you. And you. And you.

Actually, we didn't, but the awesome folks over at Public Policy Polling did. 

You know the background by now: the bill currently under consideration in the North Carolina General Assembly would take $90 million from the public school budget and spend it on a school voucher program. The bill would give some low-income students grants of up to $4,200 to pay for private school tuition, far less than is necessary to actually afford a private school.

But this new poll clearly shows that when lawmakers say that the public is with them on school vouchers, they are just blowing hot air. Nearly two-thirds of North Carolinians have demonstrated their strong opposition to this insidious disinvestment in our public education system, and now the only question is whether or not lawmakers will heed their warning.

Fortunately, it appears that some lawmaker are already feeling the heat.

The House Education committee was scheduled to debate the voucher bill on Tuesday, but it was pulled from the committee calendar late Friday afternoon after it became apparent to the sponsors that there were not enough votes in the committee to bring the bill to the floor. Good news for us - bad news for them.

Our poll also found widespread disapproval for other policies under consideration at the General Assembly, including strong opposition to the elimination of class size limits in elementary classrooms (73% opposed), reducing eligibility for North Carolina’s pre-K program  (58% opposed), and eliminating teacher protections (53% opposed).

So, basically, if anyone tells you that North Carolina voters don't care about our education system, they're flat wrong. It's just our legislators who don't care.