Training To Teach Renters Their Rights

WFAE, 90.7 - March 30, 2012

There are laws to help renters get the maintenance and service they need from landlords. But a lot of people don't know about them. The Charlotte Community Relations Committee and a non-profit called Action NC are holding a training Saturday to teach renters their rights.

Action NC's local director Hector Vaca says he's heard many complaints of bed bugs, broken stoves, black mold and landlords unwilling to do anything about it.

In some cases, he says, landlords have threatened to call immigration if tenants keep complaining. Vaca says renters can call the city's code enforcement to inspect the property and the Community Relations Committee to report discrimination.

"If the tenants really, really want to resolve these issues on a permanent long term basis, they need to organize themselves. They need to show the landlords that they will not stand for bad conditions and that they demand that the landlords take care of these issues," says Vaca.

Vaca hopes to organize such a group at Saturday's training.