Tenant Rights

protesting bad living conditionsVisit the page for City of Charlotte Code Enforcement

Info on Charlotte Housing Codes. They are in Chapter 11. Articles I-III are the most relevant.

Click for information on the Charlotte Housing Code Process (and here in Spanish/Espanol).

To contact Charlotte Legal Aid call 704-971-2621.


For individual cases, call 311 to request an inspection.

Multiple Complaintants

Use the Charlotte Code Enforcement Petition.  This petition is good for big groups of people living on the same property who want the city to inspect all apartments. Once the petition is submitted and reviewed, the city inspectors still call each individual to make inspection appointments.

Click to download the Charlotte Code Enforcement Petition.  If 5 families or more sign it, code enforcement can agree to inspect all of the apartments. Be sure to collect all the information requested and all signers must be over 18 years old.