Statement on NCGA budget

Action NC statement on House and Senate compromise budget, released July 21, 2013:

The budget released this evening by the leadership of the House and Senate represents a betrayal of the relationship between elected representative and citizen. The Republican-led General Assembly took every opportunity to pursue blatant partisan goals and completely ignore the needs of their constituents. Special interests and well-heeled campaign donors benefited at the expense of taxpaying North Carolinians at almost every possible juncture.

Particularly egregious are the attacks on public education in the form of funneling public funds to private schools in a voucher program, and the elimination of teacher tenure. “This budget is literally taking money out of the hands of our children and handing it over to private corporations,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy & Public Affairs Director for Action NC. “With this action, the Republican majority is sending a clear signal that it is open season on public education in North Carolina.”

Action NC patently rejects this budget and calls on all North Carolinians to register their displeasure with their House and Senate representatives. This budget can still be stopped, and we urge the General Assembly to do so immediately. 

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