Support Rodrigo Cruz

16 year old from Charlotte faces deportation

Rodrigo, a bright 16 year old, will have to check in with ICE with a one way ticket back to Mexico in hand this Tuesday, October 4th. Join us at 10:00 a.m. this Tuesday in Charlotte as we hold a press conferernce and gather in support of Rodrigo and his family!

Rodrigo was brought to the United States when he was only 10 years old. Originally from Mexico, for the past 6 years he has made Charlotte, North Carolina his home. Now 16 years old, Rodrigo finds himself fighting his deportation to a country he no longer calls his home.

Earlier this year, Rodrigo was accused of shoplifting at his local mall. Since North Carolina is one of only two states that prosecute 16 and 17 year-olds as adults, Rodrigo, despite being 16, was processed through the 287-g program. Since that day the criminal charges have been dropped, yet Immigration and Customs Enforcement still wants to deport him to a country that is no longer his home.

Your help is needed immediately!
4 Ways to Take Action:

1. Join Rodrigo this Tuesday, October 4th as he checks in with ICE. We will be holding a press conference and need the community to show their support. 10:00 a.m. at 6180 Tyvola Center Dr. in Charlotte.

2. Call DHS - Janet Napolitano (202-282-8495) and ICE - John Morton (202-732-3000)

Sample Script: "Hi, I am calling to ask that DREAM-Eligible student Rodrigo Cruz (A# 200-971-037) be allowed to stay in the U.S. Rodrigo has been living in the U.S. for over 6 years. Now 16, he is a sophomore at his high school in Charlotte, North Carolina and dreams of going to college to study International Relations. Don't deport Rodrigo Cruz."

3. Sign the petition and ask all of your friends to sign it!

4. Text "RODRIGO" to 919-924-0946 to sign up for action alerts to save Rodrigo.