Senate budget to hurt poor, middle class

Action NC statement on Senate budget proposal:

With drastic cuts to education and health services, coupled with short-sighted environmental and governmental deregulation, it is now clear that the Republican-led Senate is set on following the lead of their colleagues in the House and the Governor’s office in abandoning their collective obligation to do what is best for all the people of North Carolina.

This budget will reduce available revenues by more than $200 million this year alone, expanding to more than $700 million over the two years, all at the expense of low and moderate income North Carolinians for the express benefit of high-income individuals and corporations. These cuts deeply impact our Medicaid system, which will be forced to increase costs to patients, reduce reimbursements to providers, and our public education system, which will decrease our already measly per-pupil spending and force larger class sizes with less classroom resources.

In a time of continued economic hardship for so many in North Carolina, we can ill afford these deep and foolish cuts to our public investments. It is fiscally irresponsible for the Senate to make such a proposal, and we oppose it.