Save SS

Conservatives have concocted a bill that would let people to immediately opt out of Social Security in favor of a private account – an account that is in no way guarantees returns. In other words, this is the same risky privatization scheme that President Bush proposed that would turn people’s guaranteed benefits into a guaranteed gamble on the stock market.

This is unacceptable, and we can stop it. Sign our petition and we will make sure Congress hears your voice!

We, the undersigned, understand how vital Social Security is to the future of the United States.  We ask you to not destroy the lives and retirements of millions of hard-working Americans who have built this country and depend on Social Security to provide the basics of life.  Privatization is risky, untested, and can lead to the program’s destruction.  It is gambling with the future of millions of Americans  - pure and simple.

Tell Congress to reject the Social Security Privatization scheme!

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