Sanchez Family

For our daughter’s sake, we need to keep our home

For over a decade, Silvia and Gustavo Sanchez have lived with their three children in their Charlotte home. Their daughter Jessica has spina bifida, a birth defect that makes her unable to walk. Because of this the Sanchez family has spent the last 10 years retrofitting their home. But when the economy collapsed, Gustavo was laid off and now the Sanchez family is facing foreclosure.

“For our daughter’s sake, we need to keep our home,” said Silvia Sanchez, “We can’t just move anywhere; our daughter needs special accommodations.” This plea has fallen on deaf ears as Bank of America has refused to work with the Sanchez family.

You can help! Tell Bank of America to play fair with the Sanchez family and others like them.

We demand Bank of America cease their efforts to foreclose on the Sanchez family and their specially adapted home for Jessica. We also demand Bank of America use mortgage resets as their first choice solution in working with distressed borrowers, since they have yet to carry out a single reset as part of the recent national mortgage fraud settlement.

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