Stay In Your Home!

From Minneapolis to Miami, from San Diego to Sandusky, homeowners just like you have learned a simple, and terrible, one is going to save their home but them.  Americans have been waiting for the government to sweep in, but federal programs have come too little, too late for millions of families.  Americans have been waiting for the Banks to stop the bleeding, but Big Banking would rather foreclose than refinance.  The clock is ticking for tens of millions of us and no one is coming to the rescue. Cartoon_house_by_chsxf.jpg

But homeowners, just like you, are coming together, working together...and winning!  Don't believe me? here for stories of homeowners fighting back! 


Ruby Brown thought she had finally saved her home.  Bank of America had granted her a modification.  Then, after 12 months of payments, Bank of America came back and said she didn't qualify for the program and owed a huge amount of money.  You can watch her story here:

She's not the only one.  Hundreds of homeowners across the country are building strong organizations and working with local and national non-profits to fight the Banks.  Through organizations like Action NC and The Home Defenders' League, and Occupy Our Homes (, homeowners are linked to housing counseling agencies for long-term solutions and to networks of concerned citizens ready to stand with them and defend their homes.  What we've learned is, the Banks couldn't care less about whether or not what they're doing is wrong.  They do, however, care about their image.  Make enough noise, and the Banks will do whatever they have to in order to stop the bad press. 

So, if you're in Charlotte, NC and ready to fight for your home, contact us.  A trained staff-member will speak to you about your situation and, together, we'll figure out how you can join the fight!  Call us at 704.625.4050 or reach Luis Rodriguez at [email protected]