Press Conference on Duke Energy Rate Hike

Last week, on Tuesday, October 11, two of Action NC's members spoke out at the NC Utilities Commission hearing on Duke Energy's proposed rate hike. Duke is asking that the Utilities Commission approve a raise of 17.4% on North Carolinians' power bills. Additionally, they are asking that a 14% rate hike be approved for small businesses.

To discuss the issue, the NC Utilities Commission has scheduled 5 hearing around the state, to hear from the citizens of North Carolina. October 11, was the date of the one in Charlotte.

As you can see from the video, this rate hike does not sit well with the people in Charlotte. This press conference was the result of a strong collaboration between groups like Action NC, Greenpeace, and a host of other groups in the Charlotte area.

About halfway through the video, you can see Action NC State Board member Rogelio Reyes speak out against this raise in people's power bills. Valued ally and Greenpeace organizer, Monica Embrey interpreted for Rogelio in English.

One interesting thing that Rogelio says is "My employer is not going to give me a raise on my paycheck, in order to subsidize the raise in my power bill". Rogelio feels that the hike is bad for the community in general and it will raise the cost of living for the average North Carolinian. He partially attributes this to small business owners having to pay for 2 rate hikes (17.4% at home and 14% at their places of business). According to Rogelio, business owners might raise the cost for their goods and services, in order to recuperate their power bill expenses.

Watch the video, for more.