City Food Truck Rules Still Leave a Bad Taste

Why squelch small businesses? 'Carne asada is not a crime.'

Charlotte Observer Editorial
Posted: Monday, Apr. 04, 2011

Charlotte's musicians, citing artistry and creativity, pushed city officials to back off a proposed ban on amplified outdoor live music. Let us hope Charlotte's foodies and food truck fans succeed in forcing revisions to an ill-considered 2008 city measure restricting taco trucks.

When the City Council tightened the ordinance governing mobile food vendors, council members said they didn't intend to drive the trucks out of business. They were reacting, they said, to neighbors' complaints about traffic, noise and crime. In immigrant-heavy parts of the city, such as Central Avenue and South Boulevard, Latino vendors had a thriving business feeding late-night construction workers and others.

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Action NC helping Durham residents find their voice

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By Kendra McNair-Worley
NCCU Staff Writer
the Durham VOICE
[email protected]

A recent shooting outside of an unlicensed club or “liquor house” on Delano Street in East Durham injured eight people and totally shocked the surrounding community. Now, residents plan to come together to find solutions to reduce crime.

This goal will be made a little bit easier with the help of Action NC. Members hope they can address their concerns about conditions more effectively by working as a group rather than as individuals.

Durham residents share their experiences at Action NC’s recent “Ban the Box” meeting. Ban the Box is a national campaign to push employers to remove questions about whether or not applicants have been convicted of a crime from initial job applications. 

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Behind the Bill: Cutting the EITC

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The federal Earned Income Tax Credit has a long Republican pedigree.  First advanced by Nixon, it was signed into law by Ford, and expanded by Reagan, who called it "the best anti-poverty, the best pro-family, the best job creation measure to come out of Congress."

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Petition supports 'Taco Trucks' in the city

By Patricia Ortiz
Mi Gente Newspaper

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With a slogan, "Carne Asada Is Not a Crime," the advocacy group Action NC launched an online petition calling for revisions to a Charlotte law that it says has forced many mobile food vendors out of business.

More than 117 people have signed the online petition, posted on, on behalf of the mobile food vendors, also known as taco trucks or "loncheras."

The group has asked for revisions to some of the ordinance's requirements, including a 9 p.m. curfew and 400-foot buffer between mobile vendors and residential neighborhoods.

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Hundreds Rally Against Immigration Laws In Charlotte

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Thousands of people all across the country rallied against immigration reform on Saturday, including in Charlotte.

They're fighting a new Arizona law that lets officers question people about their immigration status. They're also fighting North Carolina's well known 287-G Program that deports illegal immigrants after they commit a crime.

Hundreds of protesters even clogged traffic Saturday afternoon as they marched from Marshall Park to the Mecklenburg County Jail.

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