Community leaders highlight the pain of sequestration

Group says cuts to first responders and schools will endanger health, public safety and economic viability of North Carolina

Charlotte, NC – Community activists and concerned citizens will gather outside the Social Security Administration office in Charlotte on Thursday to highlight the urgent need for Congress to reach a deal to avoid the deep and dangerous automatic cuts scheduled for March 1st as part of the sequestration.

“The impact of these across the board cuts would be disastrous in North Carolina,” said Pat McCoy, Executive Director of Action NC, the organizer of the event. “A recent study has shown that the cuts would cost North Carolina over 29,000 jobs, and would be felt right away in education and emergency services.”

Speakers will focus on the potential cuts to FEMA and first responders like firefighters, the impact of $3 billion in education cuts on the number of teachers and staff in public schools and Head Start programs, the loss of as much $900 million in loan guarantees to small businesses to stimulate economic recovery, and cuts to mental health services, Meals on Wheels, food safety inspection, childhood nutrition, AIDS drug assistance, rental assistance, and homelessness programs that help veterans.

The event is at the Social Security Administration office because scheduled cuts to their funding could hamper their ability to process checks, determine eligibility, clear the backlog of disability claims, and could curtail their service hours to the public.

WHO:              Community activists, concerned citizens

WHAT:            Rally with speakers and visuals

WHEN:            Wednesday Feb. 20 at 2:30pm

WHERE:          Social Security Administration office (5800 Executive Center Dr) Charlotte, NC


Contact: Pat McCoy - 919.883.7120 - [email protected]

Groups urge McCrory to veto anti-Medicaid bill

 Groups say Governor, General Assembly creating huge, irreversible problems for low-income North Carolinians.

***Media Advisory for Friday, February 15th at 12 noon***

Raleigh, NC – A group of community leaders, advocates and Medicaid recipients are calling on newly-elected Governor McCrory, to push back against the overreaching General Assembly and veto the bill which blocks Medicaid expansion in North Carolina.

“Not only are the Governor and the General Assembly making life needlessly difficult for low-income North Carolinians, but are also rejecting $15 billion for our economy at large,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy and Public Affairs Director for Action NC. “There is absolutely no logical reason to oppose this expansion.”

Both the General Assembly and Gov. McCrory oppose expanding the Medicaid program to cover 500,000 low-income, uninsured individuals across the state, as well as the creation of a health care exchange made possible by the Affordable Care Act. In turn, they are rejecting $15 billion in federal funds North Carolina would have received over the next decade, saving thousands of jobs for health care workers and rural hospitals, as well as money for any North Carolinian who buys health insurance.

After the press conference, attendees will deliver more than 10,000 petitions signed by North Carolinians to the Governor’s office urging the Governor to reject this proposal.

WHO:              Medicaid recipients, community activists, concerned citizens

WHAT:            Rally with speakers and visuals, petition delivery to Governor

WHEN:            Friday, February 15 at 12 noon

WHERE:           NC Capital Building, South side (facing Fayetteville St)

                        1 E Edenton St, Raleigh, NC


CONTACT:        Kevin Rogers
PHONE:           919.862.4009


Community leaders challenge McCrory, Howard and Berger to live on reduced unemployment benefits for one week

Group says Governor and legislature has no idea how much pain they will cause lower and middle class families with new law.

Greensboro, NC – A group of community leaders and advocates are calling on newly-elected Governor McCrory, along with Rep. Julia Howard and Sen. Phil Berger, to literally put their money where their mouths are and commit to live for one week on the maximum unemployment benefit of $350 that is being proposed by the North Carolina General Assembly.

“If the Governor and legislature think this is a reasonable proposal, they obviously has no idea what it is like to live on so little money,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy Director for Action NC, the sponsor of the challenge. “The Governor needs to understand the pain he will be inflicting on unemployed workers from all over the state.”

Action NC is challenging Governor McCrory and members of the legislature to live on $350 a week, the proposed maximum benefit under a new unemployment insurance scheme being proposed in the North Carolina Assembly. The proposal cuts the maximum weekly benefit from $650 a week to $350.

WHO:              Community activists, concerned citizens

WHAT:            Rally with speakers and visuals

WHEN:            Tuesday, January 28, 2013 at 10:30am

WHERE:           Center City Park (200 North Elm Street, Greensboro)


Something to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Local Charlotte Family Achieves Victory in Fight to Save Home


(Charlotte, NC)  On Thursday November 1, Silvia Sanchez and her family finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel, in their journey to save their home. When Silvia went in for a routine scheduled visit with her housing counselor, she received news that Bank of America would no longer be foreclosing on their home. According to a notice she received, the bank would bring their loan up to date and “permanently reduce [their] principal balance by the amount of $63,323.67”. 

For over a decade, Silvia and Gonzalo Sanchez have lived with their three children in their Charlotte home. Their daughter Jessica suffers from hydrocephalus and has spinal bifida, a birth defect that makes her unable to walk. Because of this she is confined to a wheelchair and the Sanchez family has spent the last 10 years retrofitting their home to make it livable for their daughter, including adding ramps and wider doorways.

“For our daughter’s sake, we needed to do everything we could to keep our home,” said Silvia Sanchez, “Our daughter suffers from constant pain and this is her home.  We can’t just move; she needs special accommodations.”

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Action NC Reacts To Schneiderman Announcement

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 1, 2012

Contact:  Kevin Rogers
[email protected] – 919.862.4009

Statement from Pat McCoy, Executive Director of Action NC :

"With today’s announcement, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the RMBS Task Force took an important step in holding Wall Street and JP Morgan Chase accountable for the worst financial crimes in our nation's history.  While we applaud this action, it must be the beginning, not the end.  Millions of Americans ripped off and defrauded by our country’s most powerful financial institutions still await justice, and justice will only be done by more RMBS Task Force lawsuits against the banks.

"Wall Street’s insatiable desire for securitized mortgages was the prime mover of the sub-prime debacle which forced millions of homeowners out of their homes and cost billions of dollars in lost wealth. For those defrauded by Bear Stearns and other financial institutions that crashed the economy in 2008, today's filing shows that it is not too late for justice. These institutions can still be held accountable. We hope that this case lays the groundwork for suing other big banks that left millions foreclosed upon, jobless, or saddled with underwater mortgages.

"The significance of this lawsuit also makes clear that the next President, be it President Obama or Governor Romney, needs to make principal reduction for homeowners and Wall Street accountability a top priority in their first 100 days. While It is profoundly disappointing that no criminal charges were filed in today’s suit against JP Morgan Chase bank, or any other bank so far, the opportunity remains to build on this important first step as the foundation for further legal action and the full accountability that Wall Street deserves, and justice demands.”

Action NC is a citizens action organization that empowers low to moderate-income communities to take action on issues of concern to working families. For more information, please visit us at

Romney-Ryan Plan

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin Rogers
919.862.4009 / [email protected]

The Romney-Ryan Plan:  Tax Giveaways For Millionaires And End Medicare As We Know It

RALEIGH -- When Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan to be his running mate, Romney was choosing the author of the “Ryan Plan” and the leading voice for right-wing policy ideas in Congress. Mitt Romney has also wrapped his arms around the Ryan Plan, endorsing it on the campaign trail. [Politico, 3/20/12]

Ryan is in Raleigh today at a high-dollar campaign fundraiser seeking campaign donations of as much as $25,000 per person. It’s no surprise that anyone who can afford to donate $25,000 will be a big winner if the Ryan Plan ever becomes law.

-    Ryan’s plan would reduce the top income tax bracket from 39.6% to 25%, well below the Bush tax cuts level of 35%. In addition, Ryan would reduce the corporate income tax from 35% to 25% and eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), which ensures that high-income earners pay at least a minimum level in taxes. [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3/22/12]

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Food Truck Boom Or Bust? Depends On What You Serve

Julie Rose
Monday August 6, 2012

 Food trucks gather in areas of Charlotte on weekends. Photo: Julie Rose

It's become cool to eat from a truck in Charlotte.

More than 30 mobile kitchens serving gourmet fare have sprung up here recently and they've been welcomed warmly by city and neighborhood leaders - unlike the chilly reception Charlotte's original food trucks faced.

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Impact to NC Residents of Extending Bush Tax Cuts

Press call at 10 am Wed, August 1
Conference Dial-in Number: (213) 493-0800
Participant Access Code: 722584#



Contact: Kevin Rogers, 919.862.4009, [email protected]   

Report Shows Impact to North Carolina Residents of Extending Bush Tax Cuts for Richest 2% of Americans

Wealthy Few Would Reap Huge Tax Breaks at Expense of Other N.C. Residents

(Raleigh, NC – July 31, 2012) If the U.S. House of Representatives passes the Republican plan this week to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for one year for households making over $250,000, the wealthiest 2.2 percent of North Carolina taxpayers in that income group could get a disproportionate 34 percent of the total tax breaks in their state. Their average tax cut would be about $28,000.  

In contrast, if Congress passed President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush tax cuts on the first $250,000 in household income, the average tax cut for North Carolina taxpayers who make more than that amount would be about $13,000, or less than half of what they would get under the GOP plan. And the 31 percent of North Carolina taxpayers with income up to $25,000 would get larger average tax cuts under the Obama plan than under the Republican plan. 

Those are among the key findings of a new report released today by Action NC, “Time to Pay Their Fair Share: North Carolina Can’t Afford to Extend the Bush-era Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Few.” The report is authored by Americans for Tax Fairness, Citizens for Tax Justice and the National Women’s Law Center.

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Action NC’s Statement on Today’s ACA Repeal Vote in Congress

North Carolinians Demand Solutions on Economy and Jobs While Congressional Republicans Focus on 31st Repeal Vote

Representatives Kissell and McIntyre also vote for repeal that would strip health care benefits and consumer protections from millions of Americans

 [Raleigh, NC] – Here is a statement from Kevin Rogers, Policy & Public Affairs Director of Action NC, a statewide advocacy organization that worked to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010 as part of the national Health Care for America Now Campaign:

 “Today’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act demonstrates once again that Republicans in Congress care more about partisan political games than solving problems for the middle class.  Representatives Kissell and McIntyre joined hyper-partisan Republicans, who have now voted 31 times to repeal a law that the Supreme Court has upheld as constitutional and that already provides benefits and consumer protections to more than 100 million people.

Republicans have voted repeatedly to strip these folks of their health care by supporting repeal and by voting this year for the Romney-Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it and dismantles Medicaid in order to give millionaires a $150,000 annual tax break. We are disturbed that Representatives Kissell and McIntyre would join this assault on their own constituents.

 Repealing the ACA would hurt those they represent, many of whom already rely on Obamacare for benefits.  Repealing the law would:

  • Take away health insurance from 95,000 young adults in North Carolina who are now covered under the law’s provision that allows young adults to remain on a parent’s policy until age 26.
  • Increase costs for seniors in Medicare by taking away prescription drug rebates that have already benefited over 114,000 North Carolina seniors and by forcing tens of thousands more seniors who have already received free preventive care in Medicare to pay for their cancer screenings and annual exams.
  • Rob more than 200,000 state consumers of rebates totaling $18.6m that insurance companies will pay for the first time this year for failing to comply with the 80/20 rule. That Obamacare rule requires insurance companies to spend at least 80% of our premium dollars on actual medical care instead of overhead and profit.
  • Give back to the insurance companies the power to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, to impose arbitrary caps and limits on coverage and to deny claims for any reason.

“It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stop wasting time on political games,” said Rogers. “Representatives Kissell and McIntyre should also stop trying to drag our country backwards and trying to take away our health care benefits. Congress should move on and get to work on fixing the economy and creating jobs for the American people.”


Action NC is a state partner of Health Care for America Now, the nation’s leading grassroots health care coalition, led the fight to win health reform. HCAN works to promote the Affordable Care Act, protect Medicare and Medicaid, and keep Congress from being steamrolled by corporate special interests.


NC Responds to Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision With Call to Action


CONTACT:   Kevin Rogers - 919.862.4009

Date: 6/28/2012

 ***Media Advisory for June 28, 2012***

 NC Responds to Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision With Call to Action

New Law Here to Stay; Advocates Ready to Move Full-Speed Ahead on Implementation

 (Raleigh, NC)  Patients, Children’s Advocates and lawmakers will gather today at 1pm at the Capital Building in Raleigh to celebrate the long-awaited Supreme Court decision affirming the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The court announced the ruling today after months of deliberation and two years of acrid political debate in Congress and the states.

Advocates, lawmakers and others who worked to pass the law in 2010 and North Carolinians already benefiting from the law will comment on today’s ruling. The ACA already benefits millions of Americans and will help millions through future coverage expansions and consumer protections that will stop the worse insurance industry abuses.

Although the pending court decision stalled implementation some states, here in NC implementation has moved forward steadily with the creation of a state exchange marketplace. The group will call on state lawmakers to set aside remaining political differences over implementation of the law and make NC an example that other states can follow.

WHO:                    Seniors, women, patients, elected officials and consumer advocates

WHAT:                  Press conference/rally       

WHEN:                  Thursday, June 28th at 1pm 

WHERE:                Old Capital Building, South Lawn, Downtown Raleigh