Action NC’s Statement on Today’s ACA Repeal Vote in Congress

North Carolinians Demand Solutions on Economy and Jobs While Congressional Republicans Focus on 31st Repeal Vote

Representatives Kissell and McIntyre also vote for repeal that would strip health care benefits and consumer protections from millions of Americans

 [Raleigh, NC] – Here is a statement from Kevin Rogers, Policy & Public Affairs Director of Action NC, a statewide advocacy organization that worked to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010 as part of the national Health Care for America Now Campaign:

 “Today’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act demonstrates once again that Republicans in Congress care more about partisan political games than solving problems for the middle class.  Representatives Kissell and McIntyre joined hyper-partisan Republicans, who have now voted 31 times to repeal a law that the Supreme Court has upheld as constitutional and that already provides benefits and consumer protections to more than 100 million people.

Republicans have voted repeatedly to strip these folks of their health care by supporting repeal and by voting this year for the Romney-Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it and dismantles Medicaid in order to give millionaires a $150,000 annual tax break. We are disturbed that Representatives Kissell and McIntyre would join this assault on their own constituents.

 Repealing the ACA would hurt those they represent, many of whom already rely on Obamacare for benefits.  Repealing the law would:

  • Take away health insurance from 95,000 young adults in North Carolina who are now covered under the law’s provision that allows young adults to remain on a parent’s policy until age 26.
  • Increase costs for seniors in Medicare by taking away prescription drug rebates that have already benefited over 114,000 North Carolina seniors and by forcing tens of thousands more seniors who have already received free preventive care in Medicare to pay for their cancer screenings and annual exams.
  • Rob more than 200,000 state consumers of rebates totaling $18.6m that insurance companies will pay for the first time this year for failing to comply with the 80/20 rule. That Obamacare rule requires insurance companies to spend at least 80% of our premium dollars on actual medical care instead of overhead and profit.
  • Give back to the insurance companies the power to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, to impose arbitrary caps and limits on coverage and to deny claims for any reason.

“It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stop wasting time on political games,” said Rogers. “Representatives Kissell and McIntyre should also stop trying to drag our country backwards and trying to take away our health care benefits. Congress should move on and get to work on fixing the economy and creating jobs for the American people.”


Action NC is a state partner of Health Care for America Now, the nation’s leading grassroots health care coalition, led the fight to win health reform. HCAN works to promote the Affordable Care Act, protect Medicare and Medicaid, and keep Congress from being steamrolled by corporate special interests.