NC General Assembly Attack on Immigrant Children

The NC General Assembly House Education Committee is considering a bill that is being called by many, an attack on immigrant children and their parents. We as a community must do our part to put a stop to what amounts to racial profiling and scare tactics that will only serve to divide our community. House Bill 744 has the potential to be abused, even by well-meaning school administrators who are only doing their jobs. It also has the potential to disenfanchise further people who are already living in the shadows and those that are not but are instead victims of other forms of discrimination. House Bill 744 also creates an atmosphere where the idea of "the other" is promoted.

Rather than allow this type of behavior to continue, we as a community must work together to find positive solutions to valid concerns in our cities, state, and country. Only as a united people with understanding and collaboration can we see our great state reach the promise that we all know it can achieve.

Please take the time to sign the petition against HB744 by sending a text with NO744 to 919-924-0946. . . Or go to and sign the petition there. The online one is better, since it goes straight to the legislators' inboxes.