More North than Carolina

NC_Families.jpgThere are countless ways in which North Carolina is ahead of our neighbors, and here’s an important addition: more people approve of equality for homosexuals than disapprove.  According to the most recent Elon University Poll, survey found 54 percent of NC residents interviewed opposed the constitutional amendment and only 38 percent supported it.

North Carolina law already defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but the Republican-led legislature last year decided it wanted to take the additional step to put the ban in the state constitution. For that to happen, it must first be approved by the voters.

Thirty states have already passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. It has passed in every state where it has been put on the ballot.

The results of the Elon University poll, conducted Feb. 26 through March 1, are similar to those taken in an Elon Poll taken in September which found that 56 percent oppose the amendment. A survey conducted for Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning firm based in Raleigh, last September found that 55 percent would vote against the amendment.

Not conclusive proof that the amendment will fail in May, but it’s a good sign that poll numbers here in NC are falling closer to those seen across the country than they are elsewhere in the South.