Loncheras Business Petition


We are asking that owners and managers of small businesses in the Charlotte NC area please sign this petition, to show small business support for these vendors. The other purpose of this petition is to let the Charlotte City Council know that small businesses will not stand for any policy that will hinder the growth and prosperity of small businesses in Charlotte.

In the fall of 2008, the Charlotte City Council approved an ordinance that in effect put the majority of mobile food vendors out of business. The ordinance states that a mobile food vendor may not be within 400 feet from a home; must close by 9pm; and may only be in a specific location for no more than 90 days.

  • The effects of Sections 12.510 of Charlotte Zoning are:
    • Having to be 400 feet from any residential area distances us from our customer base.
    • Closing our businesses by 9:00 p.m. keeps us from serving people who get off of work late and has denied us a big source of income.
    • Having to move every 90 days does not let us grow our customer base and forces us to have to start over every 3 months
  • As local small businesses, we employ people locally; therefore helping to keep unemployment down.
  • Our taxes and other contributions help stimulate the local economy.
  • We are small business owners trying to survive in the current economy.

If you are a small business owner, please sign this petition and protect the rights of small business owners to work and prosper in Charlotte.

Dear Economic Development Committe;

I am a small business owner or manager who works in the Central Avenue corridor and I support the mobile food vendors, in their struggle to get back to work. Being a small business owner or manager, I know how hard it is to own and operate a small enterprise in this current economy. I also know that it is small businesses that will eventually save our economy. Mobile food vendors are a cultural treasure and are important resource for our community.  Research and evidence point to our community being safer when they were present. At a time when many are out or work, mobile food vendors employ people locally and they contribute economically to our community. It is only fair that mobile food vendors be given the same consideration as any other small business in our great city. Considering the economy the way it is, I say Let’em work, let’em live!

Thank You

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