Fair and affordable public education is a cornerstone of American democracy, and If there's one issue where public participation can make a difference, it's education. 

As we move into next year, Action NC is committed to investing more of our time and resources into improving the state of public education in North Carolina. To achieve that, we have set three priority areas we will work to improve in 2014 and beyond. They include increasing per-pupil spending to be more competitive with the national average, finding and implementing alternative discipline programs for students to reduce suspensions and expulsions, and empowering parents through training and support to more effectively advocate on behalf of their children.

Our policy positions

Fund our schools: Our children aren’t below average – why is their funding?

School suspensions: Kids can only learn if they’re in school. Let’s keep them there. 

Vouchers: No matter what you call them, school vouchers funnel our public tax dollars to private schools

Charter schools: Charters are great when run correctly, but too many charters are bad for our kids. 




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