Invasion of the Progress Snatchers

Just like your favorite classic horror film featuring ghoulish zombies, predictable plot lines, and horrible acting, the General Assembly will be reanimated this week to continue working from the script they wrote earlier in the year. But this time, instead of just screwing things up in the short term, they're aiming their sights a bit higher. Think Night of the Living Dead meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. But real.Map

The first scene of our horror flick will open with the redistricting battle that has developed since the zombies... er, representatives, adjourned and scurried out of town last month like so many cockroaches. Draft maps of some of the districts have been dribbling out slowly during the past month, but it wasn't until last week that we got our first good look at what the new Congressional districts would look like.  It wasn't pretty.


While we expect that every majority party will try to gerrymander districts for their own advantage, it seems the Republicans decided to get back for the past 100 years of Democratic control all at once. There is a long road to go before these districts become law, but you can be sure there will be court challenges to fix some of the more egregious abnormalities. Maps for the state-level representatives are due out later today.

The second part of our our personal horror movie will revolve around the attempts to override some of the 15 vetoes Governor Perdue handed out last month. It's unclear how the Republicans could find enough votes to override either the Voter-ID bill or the abortion restriction bill, their two favorites.  It's hard to imagine any Democrats changing their votes on either of these, especially considering the shellacking the five Dems who voted for the budget received, but anything is possible. Including cheap parliamentary maneuvers. 

Stay tuned.

The final scene will include an effort to get a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage added to the November ballot. Because, after all, there is nothing zombies hate more than humans having freedom to do what they like. To quote from Invasion of the Body Snatchers:

"They absorb your minds and your memories.  You have no choice."

But here's some good news - you do have a choice! In fact, we can still make a difference in all of this.  Our good friends at the Respect Our Vote Coalition have organized a rally at 11am this Wednesday, July 13th at the GA in Raleigh.  Why? Because we're sick of these zombies ignoring us! Come out and join hundreads of your closest friends this Wednesday and PLEASE wear RED to the rally. Why? Because we’re SEEING RED over these blatant attempts to suppress voter turnout in North Carolina! Click here for more info and to RVSP.