Hundreds Rally Against Immigration Laws In Charlotte

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Thousands of people all across the country rallied against immigration reform on Saturday, including in Charlotte.

They're fighting a new Arizona law that lets officers question people about their immigration status. They're also fighting North Carolina's well known 287-G Program that deports illegal immigrants after they commit a crime.

Hundreds of protesters even clogged traffic Saturday afternoon as they marched from Marshall Park to the Mecklenburg County Jail.

"This has always been a country which has invited the immigrant," said Lincoln Sigwald, a protester.

Many of the protestors said programs like North Carolina's 287-G are ripping families apart and argue the program is a waste of money and resources.

Under the state program, illegal immigrants who are thrown in jail and accused of breaking the law can be deported.

Supporters said the 287-G program is successful and helps police officers find illegal immigrants.

"To me, it's just common sense," said U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick, R-District 9.

Myrick said the goal is not to target anyone, but to protect everyone equally.

"You and I will be stopped if we have a traffic violation and we have to show proof of our driver's license," said Myrick.

Debbie and Andres Jaimes said they've given up on hope, but not on each other. They plan to continue living the American dream even though Andres is not a legal immigrant.

"We are here and we are not going anywhere," said Jaimes who has been fighting to become a U.S. citizen. A controversial immigration law in Arizona has brought a lot of attention to immigration reform. Starting in August, any immigrant not carrying their proper documents with them can get kicked out of the country. Friday Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer passed a law that says racial profiling will not be tolerated in her state.