ActionNC Highlights Foreclosures at BofA Headquarters

They rolled in driving multiple vehicles, a band of intrepid activists, moving from city to city spreading the Gospel of Social Justice.  ActionNC and Occupy Charlotte greeted the travelers of Occupy Caravan Monday morning to offer support for the Bank of America action planned for later that afternoon.  But first, a quick detour to support the Supreme Court's decision striking down most, if not all, of the infamous Arizona Immigration Law, SB-1070.  With flags unfurled and flying, the Occupiers took to the streets, chanting, laughing and chatting about upcoming events and their journey thus far. 

In the company of Immigrant Rights Activists and ActionNC members, Occupy Caravan fit right in, standing behind the speakers to lend their support. 

But this was only a precursor to the main event, the Bank of America action.

Dozens of Occupiers and ActionNC members marched to Bank of America's corporate headquarters at Trade and Tryon.  The police, already skittish with the upcoming Democratic National Convention, stood by, ready to pounce.  The activists, however, gave them no reason, remaining well within the boundaries of the public spaces, only pushing their voices across the boundaries marked in red or gray stone.  Several told stories of friends or neighbors evicted from their homes.  Several recounted their own trials with Bank of America, which has engaged in practices deemed immoral at the least, and downright criminal in some cases.  Silvia Sanchez, a member of ActionNC currently facing eviction by Bank of America, roused the crowd with the story of her disabled child and their struggle to keep her home. 

The action, which was intended to be a peaceful protest, remained peaceful and, after the speakers, Jackie, a willowy, brown-skinned young woman moved the crowd with a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem.  The group then returned to the streets, chanting, singing and spreading the news of Bank of America's many transgressions against not only Charlotteans but the Nation as a whole. 

Their visit was all too short. Occupy Caravan returned to the road the following day, on their way to the National Gathering of Occupations in Philadelphia, PA to be held on July 4th. 

ActionNC wishes them well and, if they're going to be in your city, make it a point to meet them.