The redistricting debacle intensified this week, with a second round of congressional maps released by the general assembly. Thought things were confusing before? Buckle up for this one, because they released a 3rd set of maps late last night. If they keep this up, we’ll need a new coffee machine.

The 1st District received quite a makeover, gobbling up a substantial portion of Durham County. This is a substantial shift, as it before was mostly comprised of Wake County.

The 4th District, currently represented by David Price, was drawn to include Brad Miller by a margin of only several thousand feet.  Assuming Miller does not move (which is a big assumption), he and Price would be in the same district. Mike McIntyre was also double-bunked with Larry Kissell in 8th District.

There are so many changes to the 6th and 7th districts that we can't even explain it - almost a complete re-draw.

For a more detailed analysis of the new maps and how they differ from the first round, click here.  For updates on the newest round, click here.

According to Sen. Bob Rucho, the Chair of Senate Redistricting Committee, feedback from the public caused the changes to the maps.

Funny, he didn't seem to read our comments very closely.

Either way, the committee is meeting today at 10am to discuss the maps – should be an interesting event.