Community leaders highlight the pain of sequestration

Group says cuts to first responders and schools will endanger health, public safety and economic viability of North Carolina

Charlotte, NC – Community activists and concerned citizens will gather outside the Social Security Administration office in Charlotte on Thursday to highlight the urgent need for Congress to reach a deal to avoid the deep and dangerous automatic cuts scheduled for March 1st as part of the sequestration.

“The impact of these across the board cuts would be disastrous in North Carolina,” said Pat McCoy, Executive Director of Action NC, the organizer of the event. “A recent study has shown that the cuts would cost North Carolina over 29,000 jobs, and would be felt right away in education and emergency services.”

Speakers will focus on the potential cuts to FEMA and first responders like firefighters, the impact of $3 billion in education cuts on the number of teachers and staff in public schools and Head Start programs, the loss of as much $900 million in loan guarantees to small businesses to stimulate economic recovery, and cuts to mental health services, Meals on Wheels, food safety inspection, childhood nutrition, AIDS drug assistance, rental assistance, and homelessness programs that help veterans.

The event is at the Social Security Administration office because scheduled cuts to their funding could hamper their ability to process checks, determine eligibility, clear the backlog of disability claims, and could curtail their service hours to the public.

WHO:              Community activists, concerned citizens

WHAT:            Rally with speakers and visuals

WHEN:            Wednesday Feb. 20 at 2:30pm

WHERE:          Social Security Administration office (5800 Executive Center Dr) Charlotte, NC


Contact: Pat McCoy - 919.883.7120 - [email protected]