Community leaders challenge McCrory, Howard and Berger to live on reduced unemployment benefits for one week

Group says Governor and legislature has no idea how much pain they will cause lower and middle class families with new law.

Greensboro, NC – A group of community leaders and advocates are calling on newly-elected Governor McCrory, along with Rep. Julia Howard and Sen. Phil Berger, to literally put their money where their mouths are and commit to live for one week on the maximum unemployment benefit of $350 that is being proposed by the North Carolina General Assembly.

“If the Governor and legislature think this is a reasonable proposal, they obviously has no idea what it is like to live on so little money,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy Director for Action NC, the sponsor of the challenge. “The Governor needs to understand the pain he will be inflicting on unemployed workers from all over the state.”

Action NC is challenging Governor McCrory and members of the legislature to live on $350 a week, the proposed maximum benefit under a new unemployment insurance scheme being proposed in the North Carolina Assembly. The proposal cuts the maximum weekly benefit from $650 a week to $350.

WHO:              Community activists, concerned citizens

WHAT:            Rally with speakers and visuals

WHEN:            Tuesday, January 28, 2013 at 10:30am

WHERE:           Center City Park (200 North Elm Street, Greensboro)