Why your mother needs Medicaid

Think Medicaid is only for other people? Think again.  As they say, everyone has a mother, and lots of mothers in North Carolina depend on Medicaid throughout their lives.

Because the majority of North Carolina’s Medicaid dollars fund services for elderly individuals and those with disabilities − the majority of whom are women −Medicaid budget cuts and eligibility cutbacks could greatly impact these populations. If states attempted to spare elderly individuals and those with disabilities from eligibility and service cuts, even greater program cuts would be necessary for the remaining adults and children who receive Medicaid. Such cuts would also harm women because they constitute a majority of these remaining adults receiving Medicaid.

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When 54% APR is not enough

Despite the fact that consumer finance companies have been profitable over the last few years, they want more.  Small consumer loan companies like Citifinancial and American General (owned by AIG) already charge up to 54% APR, but they want more of your money.  House Bill 810 will allow for new fees which will raise the APR up to 100%.  Industry insists they are being treated unfairly and need the increases to stay profitable.  Heading into this session the Commissioner of Banks issued a report with the recomendation that no changes were needed for finance companies.

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Maddening Logic

Since we are squarely in the middle of state budget battles in Raleigh, I thought it might be a good idea to step back from the politics of it all for a quick second and really appreciate the irony of the situation.  While we squabble over the crumbs, they sit back and laugh.  They know this entire budget battle could have been avoided: that teachers could have kept their jobs, the most vulnerable populations would not have to have their support services slashed, and long-term unemployed could still be receiving basic assistance.

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Mobile Food Vendors Keep On Truckin'

In the fall of 2008, the Charlotte City Council approved an ordinance that in effect put the majority of mobile food vendors (Loncheras) out of business or caused them to move to other cities. The ordinance states that a mobile food vendor may not be within 400 feet from a home; must close by 9pm; and may only be in a specific location for no more than 90 days.

Mobile food units are small businesses trying to survive in the current bad economy. In an economic atmosphere where many are out of work, Loncheras employ people locally. As hard-working tax payers who pay for permits to do business, they  help stimulate the local economy.

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Hostages, ceilings and safety nets

The debt-ceiling fight is blowing up inside the Beltway. Chicken Little has taken charge, and we’d better slash entitlement programs NOW! lest we all be consigned to debtor’s prison forthwith.

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