Charlotte Food Truck Vendors Keep Moving Forward

So, this has been a great week for our Mobile Food Vendors campaign. Acting on advice from a trusted ally, our Mobile Food Vendors Association chapter went before the Charlotte City Council this past Monday, June 6th and spoke about why we want the city council to amend the mobile food vendors ordinance.

The ordinance states that a mobile food vendor may not be within 400 feet from a home; must close by 9pm; and may only be in a specific location for no more than 90 days. As you can imagine, these types of restrictions put many food vendors out of business. The hours and locations of operation are what used to make mobile food vendors successful. The sections in the ordinance that deal with duration in a particular location are also too strict and needlessly create a barrier to building a sustainable clientele. As a matter of fact, some of our vendors even had to move their small businesses to other cities, in order to survive.

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Southern states seek end run around Justice Department over redistricting

Cross-posted from The Institute for Southern Studies.redistricting.jpg

If you're a Republican legislator eager to redraw your state's political lines to your party's favor in time for the 2012 elections, but fear opposition from a state Democratic attorney general and the Obama Justice Department, what to do?

Sneak little-noticed language into the bottom of a budget bill that allows you to bypass your redistricting foes, of course -- even if it could end up costing your state time and money in the process.

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Budget Lite

Budget numbers tend to go flying over our heads because we never really seem them all in one place that is accessable and easy to ready. Tired of hearing about the budget but having no idea what the details are? Never fear! Here is a breakdown by category of the major changes. The monetary figures reflect increases or reductions to base budget expenses, some of them based on projected increases in recurring spending. For tax changes, figures are for the amount of revenue generated or lost.

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Wrong Way

The phrase "robing Peter to pay Paul" comes to mind when looking through the latest budget attempts by the Senate.  In only a few short days, the Senate as moved this piece of legislation at lightening speed, and we're only now really catching up with the details.

To call the current budget "compromise" anything but disastrous is being too kind. As it currently stands, the Senate version pulls a bit over $250m from a number of sources and plugs a few holes in education.  However, it leaves as many holes as it plugs in areas suck as the Rainy Day fund, school constructions funds, and the Golden LEAF fund.  In other words, it solves problems of budget cutting with cuts in other areas.  Completely and utterly inadequate.

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NC General Assembly Attack on Immigrant Children

The NC General Assembly House Education Committee is considering a bill that is being called by many, an attack on immigrant children and their parents. We as a community must do our part to put a stop to what amounts to racial profiling and scare tactics that will only serve to divide our community. House Bill 744 has the potential to be abused, even by well-meaning school administrators who are only doing their jobs. It also has the potential to disenfanchise further people who are already living in the shadows and those that are not but are instead victims of other forms of discrimination. House Bill 744 also creates an atmosphere where the idea of "the other" is promoted.

Rather than allow this type of behavior to continue, we as a community must work together to find positive solutions to valid concerns in our cities, state, and country. Only as a united people with understanding and collaboration can we see our great state reach the promise that we all know it can achieve.

Please take the time to sign the petition against HB744 by sending a text with NO744 to 919-924-0946. . . Or go to and sign the petition there. The online one is better, since it goes straight to the legislators' inboxes.