INSTITUTE INDEX: Justice for the South's forced-sterilization victims?

sterilization_protest.jpgCross-posted from the Institute for Southern Studies.

Year in which Sir Francis Galton founded the now-discredited science of eugenics to improve the human population through selective reproduction: 1883

Number of U.S. states that adopted eugenics laws in the early 1900s targeting for compulsory sterilization people deemed unfit to bear children: 32

Year in which the first U.S. state, Indiana, enacted a compulsory sterilization law: 1907

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Survival of the Richest

Downtown Raleigh is just getting back to its normal pace of life this morning, with all of our distinguished representatives of the General Assembly finally back in their respective districts. 

Let them cause trouble at home for a change.  

The General Assembly finished up their work this Saturday.  Well, sort of – they will be back in July to finish up those tiny, itsy-bitsy issues of redistricting and veto-overrides.

But at least for now, we are blissfully free from the invaders and can once again walk down Jones Street at lunch time and not be over-run by roaming gangs of portly white men in cheap suits. 

At least we all survived.  Well, kinda.

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GOP donor put on board of NC foundation his groups advocate abolishing

Art Pope.jpg

Cross-posted from the Institute for Southern Studies.

When North Carolina Democrats appointed board members of the Golden LEAF Foundation -- a state-charted philanthropy giving out money from the state's tobacco settlement -- conservatives lashed out at the foundation for being a "web of political cronyism" with a board "packed with generous campaign contributors."

But when the state's new Republican leadership appointed Art Pope, one of N.C.'s biggest GOP donors and backers of conservative causes, to the Golden LEAF board this week? That, Republicans say, was just a case of finding the best person for the job.

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We hate it.  You hate it.  And as it turns out, pretty much everyone hates it.  What are we talking about? Why, the state budget, of course!

But how unpopular is it?

Really, really unpopular.

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U.S. trade policy undercuts Obama's jobs push


Cross-posted from the Institute for Southern Studies.

President Obama pledged to create new jobs during a visit yesterday to a high-tech lighting manufacturer in North Carolina, but the destruction of jobs unfolding at another lighting plant next door in Tennessee illustrates how U.S. trade policy is complicating those efforts.

Obama met with his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in Durham, N.C. at the headquarters of Cree, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient LED lighting. Founded in 1987 by a group of N.C. State University engineering students, Cree now employs 5,000 people worldwide, and has created over 760 full-time jobs at its Durham facility since January 2009 with help from a $39 million stimulus-related tax credit.

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