Bank vs America

Marches, speak-outs, actions. 9 am be at Trade and Tryon Streets. Three feeder marches will gather at other locations at 8 am to march on Trade and Tryon and then on to the shareholder meeting!
For a listing of the events:

On May 9th, thousands will unite in Charlotte to put Bank of America -- and the executives behind them -- on notice.
We're coming to the shareholder meeting to call them out for being among the worst of the worst in:
* Stripping wealth from communities of color due to targeting of sub-prime loans to predominantly African-American and Latino families.
* Funding big lobbying pro-business organizations & politicians who deny workers fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS to organize and collectively bargain.
* Destroying our environment by being the largest financier of coal.
* Investing in private prisons and immigrant detention centers.

Come be part of actions against BoA for their role in: taxpayer abuses, the foreclosure crisis, predatory lending, buying politicians and killing jobs.

This action is being organized by a broad coalition of concerned citizens of both North Carolina and beyond! Join us!
Invite everyone!

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A pumped democracy

Exercise.pngThink about a healthy society the same way you think about a healthy body – vigorous exercise builds strong bodies and stronger minds. While we must individually keep physically healthy, as a society it’s good to flex our civic muscles once in awhile, and I’m not talking about protesting.

Standing in a slow-moving line, in the muggy heat, is not something many people enjoy, even if the reward is an ice-cream cone or some free concert tickets, but thousands of Wake County voters waited patiently, and gregariously, in line for well over an hour to cast their primary ballots on Saturday morning. My wife and I were among the throngs in Raleigh, and I must admit that it was a lovely line in which to be waiting. Everyone was in a great mood and actually excited to be voting.

I’ll say that again: excited to be voting.

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What goes up...

Rent.jpgIf anyone is looking to sublet some office space in the legislative building, you may want to contact Speaker Tillis – he has a few empty desks that he might be willing to part with. Not that I’m implying anything else is for sale in his office.

Yes, Tillis is probably a bit lonely in his big, fancy office this week after the resignation of his Chief of Staff and Policy Adviser, both for having affairs with different lobbyists who represent a range of different interests under consideration at the General Assembly.

Sound shady to you? Speaking as a registered lobbyist, it sure sounds shady to me.

For those of us who spend time at the GA, these revelations are both surprising and saddening. Many of us know some or all of the players in this Greek tragedy, and it is difficult to accept that this behavior was happening right under our noses. It is saddening to see so many once-bright careers tarnished in such a public fashion, and it is especially saddening to know the pain that was caused to so many families in the process.

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Judgment Call

sb1070.jpgWhen the Supreme Court took up the challenge to the Affordable Care Act last month, you had to tape your eyes shut and plug you ears to avoid hearing or seeing something about it. Today, the Supreme Court is taking up a challenge to another important law with nation-wide implications, and I’m willing to bet you had no idea it was happening. The law?  SB 1070.

Sound vaguely familiar? If I told you it was the Arizona anti-immigration law that has garnered all the press over the past few years, would that help you remember? I thought so.

Arizona has lost it’s collective mind in the past few years, passing all sorts of off-the-wall legislation, but the law that has garnered the most attention was 287 (g), or the “show me your papers” portion of the law. This part of the law requires that police and other law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone they suspect to be here illegally. Whatever that means.

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Anything but revenue neutral

tax.jpgThe debate over the Buffet Rule yesterday in the Senate has made it clear that neither party is serious about raising revenue, otherwise known as raising taxes. I understand that no one likes being taxed, but do you find it strange that lots of really smart people are begging for it?

Fine - then I have another reason to support more taxes – they work. Let’s take a stroll though the last 75 years of US history, shall we?

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