Undecidedly normal

undecidedly.jpgNow that the RNC has stopped verbally abusing empty chairs in Tampa, and the DNC carnival has finally left Charlotte, we are officially in election season. I know that if politics is your thing, it’s been election season since roughly the day after the last election, but for most “normal” folks (and if you’re reading this, you probably don’t fall into that category) this is the time they start to pay attention to the presidential race in earnest.

And it’s about time.

North Carolina has about 6.4 million registered voters, with a healthy 1.6 million of them registered as “unaffiliated”. Of that block, only a small percentage, 9% according the latest polling results, are still undecided as to which Presidential candidate they will choose, as amazing as that may seem. With the rest of the electorate in a statistical dead heat, this means that, at least in theory, the entire Presidential election in North Carolina will be decided by 150,000 individual voters out of more than 6 million.

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Shut the whole thing down

hurricane-isaac.gifAfter looking at the track of the storm running right at Tampa, it seems that the Almighty is as disappointed as I am in the current state of the Republican party. The past few weeks have seen some truly awful ideas voiced by members of a party who don’t even seem to be pretending to be working for average citizens any more.

But as much as we complain about things moving backwards, this does put things in some perspective: 92 years ago this week, the 19th amendment to the US Constitution, the amendment giving women the right to vote, was ratified. I mention this because 92 year is not all that long ago – my grandfather just celebrated his 94th birthday. That means that within his lifetime, women were both denied, and then granted, the right to vote.

This seems ironic, given the outrageously callous comments made about women by (male) elected officials in the past few weeks.  Women have had the vote for over 90 years – one would think that politicians would be better at pandering to them by now.

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Abstract Reality

Tax_cut.jpgWhat a difference a week makes.

It was less than a week ago that the Romney campaign announced Paul Ryan as the running mate, and already down ticket candidates are trying to put some distance between themselves and the would-be veep.

What are they afraid of? Loosing. Big-time.

But as my math teacher always said, if something happens on one side of the equation, something has to happen on the other side to balance it out. In this case, it’s Democrats seeing a huge opportunity in a possible miscalculation of voter appetite for Ryan’s loony ideas.

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And the veepstakes winner is...

bengal_tiger-8901.jpgYou’ve got to hand it to Mitt Romney. For being the most conventional Republican candidate since, well, the last rich white male Republican president, he certainly has exotic taste in running mates. He could have tapped a rising conservative senator from Florida, a portly blowhard bulldog from New Jersey, or anyone else for that matter. But instead, Romney decided to run with the one guy the rest of the Republican party has been running away from for the past two years. I’m not sure if it’s genius or desperation, but it certainly is interesting.

Now, don’t misunderstand me: I think Ryan’s ideas are awful. Really awful. A Romney-Ryan White House would be a dream for the richest 1 percent of Americans who are millionaires, but an economic nightmare for the vast majority of middle-class and lower-income Americans. Romney’s tax plan, which would make the Bush tax cuts permanent, including for the richest 2 percent, and cut the top income tax rate by another 20 percent, would give people making over $1 million in 2013 a net tax cut of over $250,000, according to a new analysis.  Romney’s tax plan would increase taxes by an average of $2,000 on families making less than $200,000 a year.

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Stay In Your Home!

From Minneapolis to Miami, from San Diego to Sandusky, homeowners just like you have learned a simple, and terrible, one is going to save their home but them.  Americans have been waiting for the government to sweep in, but federal programs have come too little, too late for millions of families.  Americans have been waiting for the Banks to stop the bleeding, but Big Banking would rather foreclose than refinance.  The clock is ticking for tens of millions of us and no one is coming to the rescue. Cartoon_house_by_chsxf.jpg

But homeowners, just like you, are coming together, working together...and winning!  Don't believe me? here for stories of homeowners fighting back! 


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