Bank vs America

Marches, speak-outs, actions. 9 am be at Trade and Tryon Streets. Three feeder marches will gather at other locations at 8 am to march on Trade and Tryon and then on to the shareholder meeting!
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On May 9th, thousands will unite in Charlotte to put Bank of America -- and the executives behind them -- on notice.
We're coming to the shareholder meeting to call them out for being among the worst of the worst in:
* Stripping wealth from communities of color due to targeting of sub-prime loans to predominantly African-American and Latino families.
* Funding big lobbying pro-business organizations & politicians who deny workers fundamental HUMAN RIGHTS to organize and collectively bargain.
* Destroying our environment by being the largest financier of coal.
* Investing in private prisons and immigrant detention centers.

Come be part of actions against BoA for their role in: taxpayer abuses, the foreclosure crisis, predatory lending, buying politicians and killing jobs.

This action is being organized by a broad coalition of concerned citizens of both North Carolina and beyond! Join us!
Invite everyone!

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