Bad Fruitcake? Or just nuts.

Maybe we all just ate too much fruitcake, but the ridiculous statements that are coming out of DC right now are just too much for us to stomach. It seems the Tea Party wing of the conservative caucus just hasn’t caught the holiday spirit quite yet.

Unfortunately, our very own NC delegation has had some zingers, as you can see above.

Here are the names and contact info for the Reps who stonewalled the extension in case you'd like to let them know how you feel:

Renee Ellmers, 2nd district: Phone (202) 225-4531 or email her at

Virginia Foxx, 5th district: Phone (202) 225-2071 or email her at

Sue Wilkins Myrick, 9th district: Phone (202) 225-1976 or email her at

Patrick T. McHenry, 10th district: Phone (202) 225-2576 or email him at

I friendly reminder that Santa (and the voters) are watching to see if you’ve been naughty or nice – and it’s not looking good.

And a special thanks to Progress NC for compiling these links!