April 10 Business Sponsorship

This is an exciting time in our country’s history. As you know, many of our legislators in Washington DC are working on immigration reform legislation that many feel will pass this year. To show our legislators that the people are behind these efforts, Action NC, will be taking 2 busloads of people on April 10 from all over North Carolina to an historic march in Washington in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

In order to make the trip easier and more affordable for many of the families going, we are asking local businesses to please make a small contribution.


Over 50% of our membership is made up of immiigrant families organizing in their own communities to take action and get results. Currently, our members are working to ensure that the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office no longer turns over innocent people, victims of crimes, and people who have not committed felonies, to ICE for possible deportation. Action NC is also one of the founders of Familias Unidas –a group made up of families facing the deportation system who are working hard to stop family separations.

Action NC’s goal is to develop everyday people into leaders in their community.

Thank you for doing your part to make a difference in your community. Your business' part of this effort will be recognized in all materials related to this event, which include community flyers, communication with various media outlets, online social networking, and mass e-mails to our growing membership. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your support.

GOAL: $3,000.00
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