Another Victory for Families Everywhere!

We had a HUGE victory today! Isaide Serrano -a mother of 6- was granted Cancellation of Removal in immigration court today! This means that she will be getting a green card and will be able to stay with her children in the USA.

Several months ago, Action NC and the Latin American Coalition decided to join forces and created a new project in Charlotte called Familias Unidas. The purpose of the group was to empower immigrants to take up the fight to stop the separation of families caused by misguided programs like 287(g) and Secure Communities.

We came to know Isaide when she attended the 3rd meeting. Since then, as a member of Familias Unidas, she has been a vocal advocate for keeping families together. Isaide has been featured in several articles and has been on several radio shows talking about the need to stop the separation of families in our community.

This morning she went in for her final immigration court hearing, where she was told that she would be allowed to stay in the country and will be receiving a green card in the next few months.

But, the more astounding news is that she gave birth to a healthy 12 pound baby at 5am this morning and still made it to court by 10am. This is an example of a strong woman who wanted to see this process through to the very end. The judge already wanted to allow her to stay in the country. We believe that Isaide taking her responsibility this seriously really put her case over the top.

CONGRATULATIONS ISAIDE SERRANO! We at Action NC love you and are happy that your hard work paid off!

Now, let us work together to fix this broken immigration system and help more families stay together! FAMILIAS UNIDAS JAMAS SERAN VENCIDAS!