Media vs. Movement

We live in a society where many people feel that they do not have a voice in what happens in their community or fear making their rights be respected, out of fear of repercussions. Everyday, via tv, the internet, and other media we are bombarded with images of corporations becoming people with rights; city councils passing ordinances that limit the people's right to assemble; union organizers being made to look like mobsters; and community organizer depicted as con artists.

Daily, on the news we are shown activists who are arrested for holding rallies and demanding redress of community grievances.

In most of these scenarios, everyday people who take a stand for what is right are portrayed as trouble makers and unamerican. In the end, these images only serve to erode the belief that anything is possible if the community comes together for the common good.

Sometimes -not often- we are treated to positive images of how a community can come together for social justice and really make a difference. On these rare occasions, the community is uplifted and a feeling of all things being possible begins to take root.

In order to promote this sense of community, we are hosting an activist movie night. This Friday, March 9 will be our first Movie Night with Action NC. We invite everyone to come out and be part of the movement for social change that is taking root in Charlotte and in other parts of our great state.

The movie being presented is Bread and Roses. For a more detailed description of the event, please go to

After the film, we will host a discussion on what organizing could mean for our community and the issues that matter most to us.