ACA Victory

After weeks of anxious anticipation, the Supreme Court has finally spoken on the future of health care reform in America. And - we’ve won! In a narrow 5-4 ruling, the basic provisions of the Affordable Care Act were upheld.

The Affordable Care Act is a historic piece of legislation that expands health care coverage to tens of millions of people throughout the United States and seeks to eliminate the worst abuses of insurance giants. It reflects the values that Action NC and the broader progressive community have been advocating around for decades. Today’s decision represents a huge step forward towards achieving our goal of making quality, affordable health care accessible for all Americans.

However, this fight is not over. Congressional Republicans will undoubtedly do everything they can to roll back these reforms in the coming weeks and months, and Mitt Romney has declared that he will promptly strike down reform should he be elected in November. As always, Action NC is busy organizing and strategizing for the next round.

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