ACA made simple

SCOTUS.jpgToday marks the second of three days of oral arguments at the Supreme Court, all concerning the Affordable Care Act. The Court is considering various aspects of the law, including whether there is jurisdiction to challenge the constitutionality of the health care law before it comes into complete effect, whether the individual mandate is unconstitutional, whether the individual mandate is severable from the remainder of the law, and whether the federal government can coerce states to expand Medicaid.

If all of this is Greek to you, don’t worry about it – I can help.

Action NC held a discussion yesterday with Congressman Brad Miller, Prof. Gene Nichol, and Adam Searing, all speaking about various aspects of the law. It’s available for streaming here, and will help you make some sense out of all chatter going on around us. You might as well be informed – you’re going to be hearing about this for some time to come.