We hate it.  You hate it.  And as it turns out, pretty much everyone hates it.  What are we talking about? Why, the state budget, of course!

But how unpopular is it?

Really, really unpopular.

Less than 25% of respondents approve of the budget state-wide.

When asked about particulars about the budget, most disapproved of the cuts to public education.

Statewide, only 36% of voters think that it’s most important to end the temporary one cent sales tax compared to 50% who think it’s more vital to minimize cuts to education spending.

And while it comes as no surprise to us, it was great to see the how incredibly unpopular the budget is with the Republican leadership’s constituents.

How unpopular was their vote?

In Speaker Tillis’ district, the favorable/unfavorable was 24/41, and in Speaker Berger’s district, it was 27/44.  Results around education were similar: in Berger’s district, 53% of voters think it’s more important to protect education vs. 36% who think it’s more important to roll back the sales tax, and in Tillis’ district where 51% side with education to 41% for reducing the sales tax.

It certainly does not make up for all the destruction these guys have caused, but it does make us feel just a tiny bit better.

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